It is worth noting that SMI has been recognised as a Marie Curie Training Site in biomedical science and engineering and invites doctoral students to stay at SMI as a Marie Curie fellow for a period. Further, the International Doctoral School in Biomedical Science and Engineering was established in 1997. SMI and the International Doctoral School have a joint staff of 30 senior researchers, technicians and administrative personnel. The number of Ph.D. students is 30. Half of the students and the staff come from abroad. In 2000, a new five year master programme in Biomedical Engineering started, and Aalborg University now offers a full fledged study programme in biomedical science and engineering, ranging all levels from bachelor to master and Ph.D. Thus, Aalborg University has established a coherent and formal interdisciplinary research and research-training programme. SMI benefits from its participation in a number of institutional networks within biomedical engineering, neuroscience and clinical disciplines. A substantial resource is present in the established research co-operation and partnerships with a wide range of research centres, hospitals and companies. Currently, the co-operation includes more than 40 organisations in 15 countries