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WT8: Exploitation and Knowledge Transfer

Work Task Leader: UNIGE

Main Contributors: All


All partners under the supervision of the coordinator UNIGE participates in the following workpackage tasks:

  • Implementing transfer of knowledge activities;

  • Managing External Interest Groups;

  • Defining specifications for any potential commercial products, particularly for training;

  • Implement clustering with other projects;

  • Organize dissemination and valorisation outside the RTN.

  • Publication and dissemination of the eNewsletter.


Major Activities

Great effort was put in the various dissemination activities:

The 3DAH project successfully built collaborations with other EU projects such as InterMedia and FocusK3D, or national frameworks such as the CUSO. In particular, two major events were organized in collaboration with these projects:

  • Workshop on 3D Physiological Human 2008: the workshop on 3D Physiological Human took place in Zermatt, Switzerland at Alex Hotel the 1-4 December 2008. The workshop attracted many researchers from all over the world who particularly enjoyed the venue. The workshop included 10 oral sessions, 2 tutorials and 4 keynote talks. Invited speakers were: Prof. Scott Delp [Stanford University - USA], Prof. Eric Stindel [University Hospital of Brest - France], Prof. David Feng [Sydney University - Australia] and Prof. Jian Jun Zhang [Bournemouth University - UK]. A major output to this workshop was the book Recent Advances in the 3D Physiological Human published by Springer.

  • Workshop on 3D Physiological Human 2009 ( the workshop on 3D Physiological Human took place in Zermatt, Switzerland at Alex Hotel the November 29 - December 2, 2009. The workshop included 8 oral sessions, 1 tutorial , a Live demos session and 4 keynote talks . Invited speakers were: Prof. David Hawkes [University College London - UK], Prof. Dieter Fellner [Fraunhofer IGD - Germany], Dr. Christof Hurschler [LBB, Hannover Medical School - Germany] and Dr. Nuria Oliver Ramirez [Telefónica R&D - Spain]. Proceedings of the workshop are available at Springer.