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WT7: Visualization and Interaction

Work Task Leader: UNIGE

Main Contributors: CRS4, STAR



The goal of this WT is to develop effective visualization techniques and intuitive interaction techniques to better represent and interact with the functional models of the musculoskeletal system at a particular level of details. For this purpose, UNIGE develops with CRS4 and STAR a visualisation/ interaction framework to allow the individual examination of musculoskeletal systems in motion, merging several types of data (acquired and simulated) from the different partners. The medical relevance of the visualization/interaction techniques towards training and virtual examination are moreover assessed. Partners bring the following expertise to UNIGE:

  • CRS4 develops specific and highly efficient multimodal rendering techniques, to be integrated in the framework, in order to meet timing constraints during interactive task. CRS4 will provides their expertise in validating new visualization and interaction paradigms.

  • STAR will provide the semantic organization from WT6 for data retrieval.



Major Research achievements

  • Design of efficient interactive (massive) volumetric data rendering techniques tested on conventional hardware and new lightfield displays

  • Design of new interaction tools exploiting the view-dependent perceptual cues delivered by advanced 3D displays

  • GPU-assisted segmentation techniques in link with the  WT2.

  • Exploration of computer graphics approaches based on laser scanning techniques to improve the measurements of biomechanical properties of soft tissue, in link with the  WT3.