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WT1: Multimodal Images Acquisition

Work Task Leader: UCL

Main Contributors: SMI, INRIA


The goal in this WT is to acquire good quality clinical data from multiple modalities. This consists in the development of tissue-specific static and dynamic protocols and the acquisition of data from as many volunteers as possible. There are no known significantly harmful effects associated with the medical use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Ultrasound (US). For personal data protection, DICOM headers will be anonymized at source (UCL). This WT requires support (training) from other partners in terms of protocol development:

  • INRIA collaborates with UCL for establishing the best pulse sequences that highlight the different musculoskeletal structures (bones, muscles, cartilages and ligaments), in order to facilitate anatomical and kinematical reconstruction (WT2).

  • SMI specifies medically relevant movements, postures and joint loads, to be performed during image acquisition, to comprehensively assess the functional behavior of lower limbs. The use of splints may be required to ensure movement reproducibility.

Major Research achievements

  • Acquiring good quality clinical data from multiple modalities

  • Defining and setting up various tissue specific clinical protocols for specific tissues. This includes

    • in MRI, multi-scale imaging from whole leg to trabecular bone network and muscle fibre orientation

    • in MRI, recording knee kinematics

    • combining information from the above acquisitions

    • Acquiring 4D ultrasound for muscle fibre orientation                                                       

  • Innovative sequence experiments: diffusion tensor imaging, and ultrashort TE sequence.