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Work Tasks and Main Results

Projection description and overall approach

The main objective of this network is to increase, by scientific exchange, the development of new technologies and knowledge around virtual representations of human body for interactive medical applications. The network has a specific goal: developing realistic functional three-dimensional models for the human musculoskeletal system, the methodology being demonstrated on the lower limb. 

The aspect we want to give to this project is the one of a pipelined system that, like a car engine, is composed of different parts with specific functions that, when put together, are able to perform a more valued function. In such a multidisciplinary system, the greatest challenge is connecting and synchronizing the various disciplines from each partner in a way that, in addition of benefiting of the different expertises, we can also take advantage of their interconnections.

The methodology we propose to face this challenge is represented by the several interconnected areas (See next figure). Every large area is somewhat independent, though they keep in mind that they must consider the inputs they will receive from other areas and the outputs they will provide.The project is based on the strong collaboration between partners. This page describes the project activity in the different Work Tasks (WT) along with the main research achievements.


Work Tasks of the project


The performed tasks are organized in the following Work Tasks:

WT0 Network Coordination 
WT1 Multimodal Images Acquisition
WT2 Extraction of Information from Images
ImageWT3 Biological Soft Tissue ModelingImageWT4 Motion Analysis
Image WT5 Motion Modeling
WT6 Knowledge ManagementImage
WT7 Visualization and Interaction  
WT8 Exploitation and Knowledge Transfer

Partners present their work more in details on the collaborative 3DAH website created during the project. This website offers richer content and create links between the WT activities.


Everytime you see this imageclick on it to be redirected to the collaborative 3DAH in order to get additional details!