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First 3D Anatomical Summer School

The first summer school of 3D Anatomical Human took place in Pula on days 21, 22 and 23 of May, 2008. This summer school covered many themes such as medical data acquisition, segmentation, modelling, simulation and visualization.

The school audience was composed by the project ER and ESR, a selected group of CRS4 young researchers, a selected group of Ph.D and Master degree students coming from Italian universities and a few medical IT technicians. Speakers offered a wide range of introductory and technical lectures about all the different topics related to the workplan and partners' expertise. A visit of the scientific park was also conducted.

A total of 15 speakers gave lectures, two of them as invited speakers:

  • Marco Agus (CRS4, Italy)

  • Hervé Delingette (INRIA, France)

  • Ugo Della Croce (University Of Sassari/ Harvard Medical School) INVITED SPEAKER

  • Mark de Zee (SMI, Denmark)

  • Andrea Giachetti (CRS4, Italy)

  • Enrico Gobbetti (CRS4, Italy)

  • Jose Antonio Iglesias Guitian (CRS4, Italy)

  • Aggelos Liapis (STARLab, Belgium)

  • Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (MIRALAB/UNIGE, Switzerland)

  • Caroline Ohman (IOR, Italy)

  • Renato Pajarola (University of Zurich, Switzerland) INVITED SPEAKER

  • Daniel Thalmann (EPFL, Switzerland)

  • Anders Sandholm (EPFL, Switzerland)

  • Jerome Schmid (MIRALab/UNIGE, Switzerland)

  • Michael Voigt (SMI, Denmark)

Speakers Presentations

Public Presentations available (do not include videos due to size limits and copyright issues) ordered by appearance:


 ImageNadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Medical research at MIRALab (Swiss National Research Project COME)
 ImageAndrea Giachetti
Segmentation of medical images
 ImageJerome Schmid
methods of segmentation and modeling of the hip
 ImageEnrico Gobbetti
Technical strategies for massive model visualization
  ImageRenato Pajarola
Parallel Rendering with equalizer
 ImageJosé Antonio Iglesias Guitiàn
Interactive visualization of medical datasets
 ImageAggelos Liapis
Data Elicitation for Ontologies
 ImageHervé Delingette
Soft tissue modelling
 ImageMarco Agus
Rigid and quasi rigid body modeling for medical simulation
 ImageCaroline Ohman
Soft tissue biomechanics
 ImageDaniel Thalmann
Motion Control Methods for Skeleton
 ImageAnders Sandholm
Musculoskeletal Simulation
 ImageMichael Voigt
Movement analysis of normal and pathological gait

Ugo Dalla Croce
Movement analysis with stereophotogrammetry: anatomical landmarks calibration

Mark de Zee
Model-based estimation of muscle and joint forces based on inverse dynamics using the AnyBody Modeling System


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